Senior Programmer Analyst (Reedley, CA):
Design, code, test, debug, configure and document software programs and applications; Install Microsoft Dynamics Navision for end users as required; Upgrade, customize and integrate databases with modules including POS, full inventory control, customer data, sales information using data port technology in Microsoft Dynamics Navision; Maintain, modify, and enhance ERP environment; Run and monitor software performance tests for purposes of correcting errors and isolating areas of improvement and general debugging; Implement code modifications, perform coding upgrades, and integrate Navision with other applications; Develop algorithms and assist in the software development using Microsoft Dynamics Navision Systems.

Must have proof of legal authority to work in the U.S. Must have a master’s degree in Computer Science / / related field and one year experience. EOE. Job Code: KR

Apply to:
Youngstown Grape Distributors Inc.
Attn: Michael Forrest
1625 G. Street
Reedley, CA 93654

You may also email us your resume by sending it to

Some scholars assert that it was a Pomegranate — not an apple — that would have been found in the Garden of Eden.

The pomegranate is an important symbol in several modern and ancient religions of the world.

The Borough of Chesterfield in England has a pomegranate tree on their official seal.

Legend has it that every pomegranate contains 613 seeds. Is it true? Count them for yourself!

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