For many years, some people felt Pomegranates weren’t as easy to peel and eat as other fruits available in the season. And while you’ll find tips for easy No Mess Preparation on this site, the introduction of Packaged Pomegranate Arils has made that belief a thing of the past, and they’re now available year-round!

Since eating Pomegranate Seeds is 100% safe and allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the Pomegranate Fruit (most of the fiber and antioxidants that Pomegranates are known for comes from the seeds), Packaged Pomegranate Arils are a perfect snack for young and old alike. Packaged Pomegranate Arils are also an excellent choice for adding a unique twist to everyday meals from a quick colorful topping to salads, oatmeal, cereal, or just right out the package. Fresh arils can also be strained and drained to make your own fresh Pomegranate Juice for you and your family to enjoy. Looking for more ideas? Check out our recipe page for fun pomegranate ideas for any meal of the day.

Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru, has given our fresh packaged arils a great score! Here he is talking about us on ABC News!

Some scholars assert that it was a Pomegranate — not an apple — that would have been found in the Garden of Eden.

The pomegranate is an important symbol in several modern and ancient religions of the world.

The Borough of Chesterfield in England has a pomegranate tree on their official seal.

Legend has it that every pomegranate contains 613 seeds. Is it true? Count them for yourself!

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